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Check the competencies of the escrow agent. In other words, do they already have customers? How long does the escrow agent run his business? Are there certifications that guarantee the security of the data? Are there flexible pricing models?
DENIC Services is named as Escrow Agent by ICANN as " Designated Escrow Agent" . ICANN is the global coordination body for internet naming.

This question is answered within our blog article.

With the fully digitized Digital Escrow from DENIC Services, there is no need to worry. At escrow-digital.de you will not only find all information, here you can "simply buy" your escrow service. You have the choice between ready-made packages, or you can put together your own individual package using a simply explained configuration process.

Jede Einlieferung entspricht einer Buchung, die Sie zum Upload eines Datenpaketes berechtigt.

Beispiel 1:

Sie möchten nur ein Datenpaket, von einem Lieferanten, für einen Begünstigten, einliefern und dies 12 Monate mit Nachweis speichern.

Hier können Sie d

Each delivery corresponds to a voucher for uploading a data package.

Example 1:

You only want to submit a data package from a supplier for a beneficiary and save this for 12 months with proof.

Here you can select the pre-packaged Basic.

Example 2:

A supplier should submit up to 190 data packages within a year. Here you can choose the Professional package.

Example 3:

If you have up to 11 data suppliers who should/can submit up to 366 data packages in one year, please select the Enterprise package.

Example 4:

You have two suppliers who are each supposed to post two packages once a week for a year.

The calculation is therefore: 52 (53) weeks x 2 (packages) = 104 postings x 2 suppliers = 208 Deposits.

Here you can opt for the Enterprise package or you can configure your package individually.

Put your package together individually and compare our transparent prices.

Do you have anymore questions? Just contact us via our

as vorgefertigte Paket Basis auswählen.

Beispiel 2:

Ein Lieferant soll innerhalb eines Jahres bis zu 190 Datenpakete einliefern. Hier können Sie das Paket Professional wählen.

Beispiel 3:

Sie haben bis zu 11 Lieferanten von Daten, die insgesamt bis zu 366 Datenpakete in einem Jahr einliefern sollen/können, dann wählen Sie bitte das Paket Enterprise.

Beispiel 4:

Sie haben zwei Lieferanten, welche innerhalb eines Jahres jeweils einmal pro Woche zwei Pakete einliefern sollen.

Die Berechnung lautet also: 52 (53) Wochen x 2 Pakete = 104 Einlieferungen x 2 Lieferanten = 208 Einlieferungen.

Sie können sich hier für das Pakte Enterprise entscheiden oder aber Ihr Paket individuell konfigurieren.

Stellen Sie Ihr Paket individuell zusammen und vergleichen Sie unsere transparenten Preise.

Haben Sie noch Fragen? Kontaktieren Sie uns doch einfach über unser

Storage is considered per supplier. If you order the last 3 deposits, the last 3 deposits will be kept by each of your suppliers.

Owners protect their (trademark) rights to the deposited deposit . All processes are logged by the escrow agent and are therefore traceable and verifiable in court. The seriousness of your business transactions is documented by using escrow services. It creates competitive advantages.

Of course you submit your data ( deposit ) online. The delivery of data carriers is no longer up-to-date. No one needs to create storage media anymore that may not have been fully created, are defective, or have a maximum lifespan. Tapes no longer have to be rewound regularly, CDs and DVDs no longer have to be checked for the formats that currently available players still support, questions about the protection class of safes and the fail-safety of locations no longer apply.

Your digital assets are securely encrypted as a deposit , checked for completeness upon delivery and then archived in two ISO27001-certified data centers in two EU countries. After archiving, these deposits are no longer accessible via the Internet. All deposits remain archived in encrypted form for the entire retention period. Of course, the GDPR applies to DENIC Services.

Digital Escrow by DENIC Services is fully digital. This means you can submit your data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Depending on the service completed, your data for delivery is also available at short notice.

Of course, the authorization for the delivery must be checked when the data is delivered.

PGP is the abbreviation for "Pretty Good Privacy". Data and e-mails can be encrypted with PGP. We are careful to receive and transmit your data securely. A PGP key consists of a public part (public key) and a private part, which only you have.

To make the digital escrow process as easy as possible for you, you can create the PGP key, consisting of two parts, in your customer portal. The public part will be shown to you. The private part is only available for download directly after creation in the customer portal. If you lose your private key, it cannot be recovered because we do not store this private part, since it is your private key.

This is not a problem! You can delete your PGP key in the customer portal and then create a new one. Please ensure that only the new PGP key is then used for encryption.

SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is used to secure your login, e.g. to a portal. But file transfer connections are also encrypted with SSH. Here, too, we would like to offer maximum security and secure the transmission of your data as soon as you log in.

Just as you can create the PGP key online in your customer portal, the SSH key can also be created online. Here, too, it is necessary to load your key onto your computer. You can find out how to use the SSH key in the detailed documentation on data transfer. You can find the documentation in your customer portal under the menu item Support.

With Digital Escrow by DENIC Services, you can define WHO, WHEN, WHAT notification(s) you receive. We provide you with your own secure login area for this purpose.

You can book Digital Escrow from as little as €600 per year. Of course, DENIC Services offers various packages. However, you can view your costs at any time before completing the order. Flexibility is a top priority at DENIC Services.

It is anchored in the terms and conditions that you must cancel your package 7 days BEFORE the 28 days expire, otherwise the fee booked via Paypal will be due.

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