ECC - Escrow Control-Center

The control center for your escrow account

After you have configured your escrow needs and purchased your digital escrow package, you will be invited to your private control center without delay.

You get access to Escrow Control Center (ECC) specially generated for you.

First, a so-called "onboarding" takes place. This is where you provide more details about your needs and your business partners.

After completion of the onboarding you have full access to the control center and, depending on the options booked, you can use all functions and configure them intuitively according to your needs.

Here are some insights about your dashboard,

The dashboard is your entry into the control center.

Here you can see the current status of your escrow account at a glance.

The contract generator provides you with a sample escrow contract free of charge, which is always kept up to date by DENIC Services.




Configure individually for each of your partners, depending on the agreements made.

The control center can be operated flexibly and individual features can be configured.

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