Flexible contracts

Just the right thing for you and your partners

There is no “one contract fits all” in escrow. We offer different types of contracts tailored to your escrow needs. From one to many depositors, beneficiaries or deposits, different sizes of deposits, retention periods and customer support levels.

We respond to different requirements with different contracts. One beneficiary is possible, but also several. Single submissions are possible or up to 301. Differences in deposit size and retention period as well as customer service and feedback standards.
If you don't find what you are looking for in our three bundles of offers, we offer you a custom option as a fourth option. Larger deposits, significantly more suppliers and beneficiaries are possible here, as well as personal contacts with guaranteed answers within hours.
You can set all of these parameters within minutes in our web shop, either with sliders or by entering numbers and ticking. And if our choices are still not enough for you, typing in a higher value will automatically bring up the maximum value of the package and the option to contact our customer service for a more personalized quote.

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