Options to Up-Load

Simple and secure management of your deposits

Our long-term engagement as Escrow Agent for the Internet domain industry has shown us what customers are expecting and what technically is reasonable. Handling of the data packages must be simple, secure and GDPR-compliant for every user. As Escrow Agent we are ensuring security, control, monitor and operate the whole escrow platform. Our team of escrow specialists is working closely together with IT technicians and the management. The workflow for data packages is carried out uncompromisingly in accordance with the strict German and European data protection guidelines. Your deposits and our communications on our site never leave the European Union area.
In order to meet all business requirements, we have created four different options to up-load deposits safely and securely online:


Your IT technicians can easily set up a file transfer using the SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to up-load a deposit directly to our delivery server. This set up can be used to design automated processes.

For less experienced users, DENIC Services' offers a special Escrow Client. Once installed on a desktop computer, a user can easily up-load a deposit accessible from this desktop to our escrow platform. The user can even save the password and the SSH access keys securely with the client.

Every depositor can have its own online storage box provided by DENIC Services. Using a standard web browser,  logging in to the standard web browser securely and up-load the deposit is a well known, easy and safe option. After up-load, your deposit is immediately moved from the delivery server to the electronic vault of DENIC Services.

It couldn't be easier. Connect our submission server directly to your computer. The secure connection makes it possible to connect our submission server directly to your computer. You can now submit your deposit from your local drive to DENIC Services using drag & drop. Set up once, use forever.

Your developers will love to hand over the escrow data by using the Restful API. Restful API means Server-to-Server connection to hand over data.

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