Digital Escrow vs. cloud storage

Very often we are asked the question "Why should I do escrow when there are cloud solutions?"

This is a legitimate question, which also deserves an enlightening and detailed answer.

As you may have already gathered from other articles, the digital escrow system from DENIC Services offers, in addition to the legal aspects, many functions that none of the cloud solutions can offer you.

Which cloud storage reminds you or your business partners, for example, that the next delivery of a new deposit is due?

Which cloud storage sends you a comprehensible confirmation that your data has been successfully saved?

Which cloud storage offers you the verification of the content that has been submitted?

However, these and other functions only serve to make your escrow package easier to handle.

Did you know that Escrow from ….

Digital Escrow vs. cloud storage

A short explanation of the difference between digital Escrow and a cloud storage solution.

... BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) has been included in the basic protection manual under M6.137? It explains on two pages which measures should be taken to secure and protect your company and the continuation of operations.

Proof of intellectual property (IP) and authorship can be made much more secure than the time stamp of a file in a cloud using escrow services and an independent neutral third party.

DENIC Services also offers two different escrow contracts. The so-called "escrow storage", a contract between you and DENIC Services, and a tripartite contract between you, your supplier and DENIC Services. These contracts clearly regulate all framework parameters and give all parties security.

This makes it possible to clarify with legal certainty who receives your data, when and under what circumstances. (Try that with cloud storage!)

Do you know the GeschGehG ? The German Law on the Protection of Trade Secrets. Among other things, “reasonable confidentiality measures” are quoted there. Your inventions, your trade secrets should be kept safe. Cloud storage is not the best choice for this. As a neutral third party, an escrow agent confirms the safekeeping of your data.

Furthermore, accidents caused by accidentally deleting system administrators or other participants are excluded. Once in the escrow storage, your data can no longer be accessed from the Internet. With cloud storage, the deposit always stays there and is therefore always accessible from the Internet.

You should also not neglect the issue of data protection and data storage within the EU. Especially when personal data or other sensitive data is to be secured. With most cloud storage, you don't know where your data is stored. As an escrow agent, DENIC Services guarantees data storage within the EU, for double security in two locally separate data centers.

We are serious about it: We protect your Business.

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