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Digital Escrow made easy!

Many roads lead to safety!


Digital Escrow has been explained in previous blog articles. But how does the data get to the "escrow agent"?

The age of physical data carriers is not yet over for everyone, but we at DENIC Services are done with it. The future of data lies in secure online vaults. With trustworthy escrow agents in certified data centers.

So that the path from your server or computer to the vault is secure and encrypted, we have created several options for securely transferring your data to DENIC Services Digital Escrow.

Upload ways for Escrow

What ways are available to transfer your Escrow package?

In the past (since 1984, some claim since 1971), data between companies was traditionally transferred using the FTP protocol. Since this procedure offered little or no security when logging into an FTP server, the FTP protocol was expanded to include the "Secure Shell". This means that keys are first exchanged between the user and the server, which are then mutually checked when logging in to the FTP server. Access to the SFTP server and file transfer is only permitted after the user and server keys have been successfully verified.
Since this procedure requires knowledge of how to generate and exchange SSH keys, this procedure is not very user-friendly and is more reserved for IT administrators.
This was the reason to make Digital Escrow by DENIC Services more user-friendly.
Not only do customers have the option of easily creating their SSH keys online during the so-called “onboarding procedure”, but the possible ways have also been expanded to include a number of procedures that we would like to present to you here.


Of course, SFTP is still available as an option for delivering your deposit, even for automated processes. For this you need a modern SFTP client that supports SSH.

The DENIC Services Digital Escrow Client

A small piece of software developed by DENIC Services, which you can install on your computer and then configure your personal access to the online safe with just a few entries. Of course, all the necessary access data will be displayed in your personal customer portal. Except: your password. Only you know this!
The client offers you encrypted access with SSH as an option. This means that the client can be used by "everyone". Even without knowledge of encryption, you can use this client in just a few minutes.


The term WebDAV means in its entirety: Web - based Distributed and Versioning. You can create a WebDAV connection directly on your desktop and see your personal online vault just like a local drive in your explorer or file manager. So, you can simply copy your deposit from a local folder to your secure online vault. Drag & drop, the way you use it every day.

Browser online vault

The Browser Online Vault is a browser-based solution. You can easily access your online vault from your browser. You can also find the link in your private customer portal. You enter your personal access data via a secure connection and can then submit a deposit of up to a maximum of 2 gigabytes.
Of course, you will find detailed operating instructions for the aforementioned options in your personal customer portal under Support -HowTo


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