90 seconds about Digital Escrow

Data protection made in Germany – users from all over the world

DENIC Services has many years of experience in the day-to-day backup of digital data. Satisfied customers from all over the world use the established data escrow service for obligatory data deposits from the Internet domain branch. DENIC Services is an accredited data escrow agent for the central international Internet organization ICANN. Our digital escrow is now the result of this wealth of experience and the extensive possibilities - for securing very different data packages.
The storage and safekeeping of your information is 100% GDPR-compliant and at the same time meets international standards. The certification of DENIC Services according to ISO 27001 for information security proves that we reliably do everything to ensure that your data remains your data, not only technically, but also in dealing with everything that you entrust to us. All employees are specially trained for this.


Flexible contracts – just the right thing for you and your partners

We respond to different requirements with different contracts. One beneficiary is possible, but also several. Single submissions are possible or up to 301. Differences in deposit size and retention period as well as customer service and feedback standards.
If you don't find what you are looking for in our three bundles of offers, we offer you a custom option as a fourth alternative solution. Larger deposits, significantly more suppliers and beneficiaries are possible here, as well as personal contacts with guaranteed answers within hours.
You can set all of these parameters within minutes in our web shop, either with sliders or by entering numbers and ticking. And if our choices are still not enough for you, typing in a higher value will automatically bring up the maximum value of the package and the option to contact our customer service for a more customized quote.


Verification – Instant confirmation of every upload to everyone

Each deposit upload creates a verification report for the stakeholders. So there is always clarity about the uploaded programs. Any upload errors can be identified and corrected immediately.
Beneficiaries are also informed about deliveries and missing deliveries - depending on the package booked. This starts with acknowledgments of receipt for the sole supplier and goes up to acknowledgments for 99 suppliers and the same number of beneficiaries.
Other options include appointment reminders for suppliers, notifications of missed scheduled deliveries to suppliers and beneficiaries, and lists of deposit contents.
In this way, all stakeholders are always up to date. You decide how much of this monitoring is the right amount for you in our web shop under the heading Escrow Management. And if you need something more than what is available via the settings in the shop, simply contact us and let us know.


Deposits – Checking, encryption and fail-safe storage of your data packages

The data packages called deposits, which you leave in trustworthy hands with us, are not simply stored somewhere. But kept safe after checking at two excellent locations in the European Union.
First we check whether the deposits contain everything they should contain. To do this, we have to decrypt it with your PGP key and then encrypt it again with our key.
Then we secure your data in two specially protected, fail-safe data centers at different locations in Frankfurt am Main and Amsterdam. These redundant, i.e. doubly secured, deposits are therefore available to your beneficiaries at all times – even during maintenance work or in the event of a disaster.


Uploads - Simple and secure management of your deposits

For the procedure and the management of the uploaded files, we draw on our many years of experience with corresponding deposits from the Internet domain industry. Handling the data is simple, secure and GDPR-compliant for you as a user. Central security, control, monitoring and update tasks are performed by DENIC Services itself, by a team of specialists who report directly to the management and work in close proximity to them. The workflow for your data is carried out uncompromisingly in accordance with the strict German and European data protection guidelines. Your deposits and our communications on our site never leave the European Union area.


Customer Service – Our Customer Service and Customer Portal (CSP)

Depending on the service booked, we guarantee you a maximum response time of eight or four hours. And if you wish, we will assign you a personal contact person.
Anyhow, our Customer Service Portal (CSP) is so easily accessible and self-explanatory that you will enjoy it. There you can see all services and uploads at any time and can make changes, for example to the authorized and rights of your suppliers and beneficiaries.
It's that intuitive with us: If you're still registering for our service or testing it, our self-onboarding guides you comfortably through the process and always shows you what you need in an easy-to-understand way. Adjust everything to your needs and use our digital escrow immediately if you like.