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How does Digital Escrow work?

Not everyone has used digital escrow before. That's why we use the example of DENIC Services to answer the question of how this new, innovative service works.

No special knowledge or skills are required to protect your digital valuables. If you can use a web browser and have already ordered something on the Internet, then you have all the skills to secure your business assets.

An article how digital escrow is protecting your digital assets.

Ordering your digital escrow package is easy and straightforward in the product overview.
After ordering, you will receive an e-mail to the address you provided, and you can log in to your secure customer portal.

In the customer portal, you will be guided step by step to the individual settings and can thus configure your digital escrow package.

Unneeded points can simply be skipped.
After entering all the necessary data, you automatically enter the customer portal, which is then always available to you.

In your private customer portal with all options, you can change functions at any time and adapt them to your needs.

Your dashboard gives you information about your escrow assets at any time.

You can use the support menu item to establish prioritized contact with the DENIC Services support team at any time.

Transfer data to Digital Escrow.

Of course, Digital Escrow by DENIC Services offers you various possibilities to  transport your data securely into the escrow locker.
For companies, both fully automated as well as semi-automated interfaces are available. Since security always comes first, care is taken to ensure that all routes are encrypted and secure.  We will be happy to advise you on this.

If you want to store deposits up to a size of 2GB per data package, then this function is  very easily available with drag & drop in your customer portal.  So you can simply copy your data to the escrow locker as you know it from your computer.  For larger data packages we offer an SFTP upload.

What happens after the data is uploaded?

After you have transferred your data to the escrow locker, automated procedures will begin their work.

A first mechanism checks whether the escrow package is complete, depending on the settings you have made.
Subsequently, your package is securely encrypted before your data makes its way to the digital vault.
Now your data is stored within the secure DENIC cloud in one of our data centers in Frankfurt am Main as well as in one of our data centers in Amsterdam.
You will receive a confirmation of the successful storage by e-mail and can now plan your next sales with peace of mind.

We protect your business.

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