Data Escrow vs. Digital Escrow

DENIC Services GmbH & Co.KG offers two different escrow services.

What are the differences between these two escrow variants?

Data Escrow vs. Digital Escrow

Explain the difference between data escrow service and digital escrow service

Operators of a registry for international Internet domain names are obliged to create a daily backup of the registration data for the domains they administer and to store it with a reliable trustee. Data Escrow for Registries guarantees registry operators that a copy of their stored gTLD registration data is kept safe and secure with an independent third party. For more information, see Specification 2 "Requirements for Data Escrow" in the ICANN Registry Agreement.

This service is designed exactly for this purpose, in compliance with all its requirements and rules.
DENIC assumes responsibility, also towards ICANN, that the submitted data is not only complete, but also complies with the specified ICANN regulations and the required RFCs.
These regulations restrict the escrow solution in such a way that it is not possible for a contractual partner with this product to "freely decide" which data he would like to deposit with DENIC for the escrow agent.


That's why Digital Escrow!

With Digital Escrow, you have the freedom to decide which data should be stored.
A complete folder structure can even be stored. There are some optional features that you can choose from. For example, it can be activated that a file list is stored in which the files expected are recorded.
The format of the files / data is actually irrelevant here, since it does not have to be checked against a specified format.
As soon as there is an obligation towards ICANN, or domain names are to be secured, DATA ESCROW is your solution.
If any data is to be backed up, then DIGITAL ESCROW is your product.


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